Infinitum 10 years!
30/11-16 by Algar

Our glory days may be over and we are just a fraction of the guild we once was. Despite that this day feels very special with all the stories of the past it brings to mind.

Ten years ago it all started, first expansion was soon the be launched and everyone was really excited for something new. We haven't been really active for a few years know, but many of us are still around in one way or another, and for the rest hopefully some good memories still exists.

by Algar

We're back (Legion)
14/10-16 by Algar

In a smaller scale. More info soon.
Meanwhile we are looking for members, especially healers. Don't hesitate to make an apply.

by Algar

And so it began...
08/12-10 by Algar

7th December, Azeroth was flooded again, but this time it wasn´t by rocks and water born from Deathwings wrath. It was Humans, Dwarfs, Goblins and trolls thousand of them eager to conquest glory and fame in the newly open zones. Congratulations to our fastest member Kihl, that reached level 85 in less than 24 hours

by Algar

Nighthold H3/10
Nighthold N10/10
Trial of Valor N3/3
Emerald Nightmare N7/7
Emerald Nightmare H7/7


All classes are welcome to apply
(! you must understand swedish !)